Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Dawson Creek to Sikanni River, 160 Miles, May 31, 2010

Well, today we left Dawson Creek and start our journey up the Alaskan Highway (Alcan).  About 17 miles up the highway we turned off to drive about five miles on a section of the original old Alaskan Highway and to cross the historic curved wooden Kiskatinaw River Bridge.  It is a  162’ long wooden timber bridge that was built along the Alaskan Highway that is still in use today.  Because we (the coach) weighs 33,000  pounds (16.5 tons) we were concerned what the weight limit for the bridge would be.  Were we relieved to see the weight limit was posted and was 20 tons.

007 006 We first walked across, I then stayed on the far side while Bob walked back and then drove the coach across.

022  Since this bridge was along a section of the Alcan currently not being used, we had to drive back to the current day Alcan Hwy.  Along this road we came across a bear-he was so black.029 A zoomed in shot.  I am sure before our trip is over, you will be tired of our bear sightings!! So bear with me-OK!

029  Below is a typical view of the countryside today.  They had green telephone poles!  Great roads, but be careful when you stop at a turnout (rest area), the edge can be ROUGH and full of deep potholes!!  Our over the sink cabinet flew open today with even the handles secured together with a Velcro strap, Bob thinks the Velcro  was getting weak, I think his foot was just too light on the brakes?!  We were really lucky as all our Corelle dishes fell out on the counter, but nothing broke!!


Lunch today was enjoyed eating out at a double ended turnout, that is what the Milepost calls this type of pull off.


Today we almost had a close encounter with a deer (or a rat as Dave our friend from Dawson Creek describes them).  The deer was racing down the drivers side of the road in a direct angle with collide with us, Bob slowed up and let this one live, as least for today.  Looks more like a kangaroo than a deer.

081  This is a photo of Suicide Hill, (taken at a roadside turnoff) thank heavens the road doesn’t go this way anymore, it was rerouted several years after it was built.


086 We are parked tonight along the Sikanni River tonight with no hookups for $20 CND.  We decided to pass on the full hookups, then tried a 20 amp site, but our surge protector on the coach detected a problem – reversed polarity, so we decided to dry camp and forget their electricity.  See the ladder, yes another windshield washing!  Those darn bugs!




Kathy said...

Hi Linda & Bob,
Be sure to keep your eyes open along those green stretches on the Alcan for Wolves! We saw them in '08 just sauntering along like a very large dog and realized: no it's a wolf!
Very exciting to see a wolf in the wild!
Have fun and may you have very good weather!
aka Birdingrvers.com

Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Following along...nice to see what we will be encountering in 3 weeks.


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