Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Teslin to Carcross, YT, 93 miles, June 8, 2010


This was a first, a traffic light being used as a flagger.  Also see the speed limit sign, that is 15 kilometers, 9.32 mph, that is slow, I think the coach idles faster than that!!



Do you know what this sign means?  We see it at quite a few bridges here.



Look look, see the long long bridge, with very short guardrails.  Yikes, we were both glad when we crossed that one!


009 See the cloud of dust behind us.  We are making that as we are on a very dust section of gravel road.  With two sections of about 9 kilometers each, we have had our share.  But I know we will have more, lots more.  The road is smooth, just dusty or if they have watered it down, muddy.

Short drive today, no wildlife yet..  Found a space in Carcross at the Montana Service and RV Park, new owners since May 1st, so they are still figuring out what they need to do. The new owner didn’t know the difference from a 30 and 50 amp service.   Well I didn’t either before we started RVing, but do now, well at least I know the 30 amp receptacle needs an adapter so our plug will work!!

We did decide to drive down to Skagway to see if we wanted to take the RV there.  So off we went the 67 miles there through some of the most spectacular scenery you will ever see.

059 I could post 20 photos of the mountains with or without snow, but I will spare you.  But I will post a photo of another grizzly bear sighting.

026 This shot shows how close it was to the car.

025 We are in the US – Alaska, love those mountains!


And this is Skagway.  Notice the cruise ship straight down the street.  There were two ships docked today and billions and billions of folks scurrying around.


After scouting out the three rv parks in town, we made reservations at the Pullen Creek RV Park, which is down by the docks.  The rate is $36 per night, we reserved for a week as from Skagway we will go to Juneau on Thursday (tomorrow) and from there take the Flight and Feast trip to the Taku Lodge, spend two nights in Juneau and then return to Skagway on Saturday by the Ferry.  My sister and I had taken this same trip, the Flight and Feast, ten years ago when we were on an Alaskan Cruise.   So loved every minute of it. 



These totems are just across the road from the RV park in Carcross. 





While we are in Skagway, don’t believe I will be able to post as I know our satellite will not work.  I will continue to write, and post when we leave the area.

Last evening we discovered that a fellow blogger is parked at the same park we are. Our friends, Grant and Kathy from BirdingRvers had sent me their blog link, Robert and Leslie from Carpe Diem Adventures.   Check out their website, Leslie summed up our meeting quite well. 


Happytrails said...

Welcome to the good ole USA! Have fun in Skagway!
That was a huge Grizzly! Wow!

Be safe!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

Kathy said...

Hi Linda and Bob,
I'm glad you met Leslie and Robert!
What a beautiful day in Skagway and a grizzly bear,too!

That sign you posted means: BRIDGE WILL BE ICY WHEN THE TEMP IS FREEZING. I don't think you have anything to worry about right now!LOL

Happy memories of our favorite state!

Anonymous said...

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