Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Changing Day, Dawson City, day 5, June 28, 2010

This was taken this morning---



  …and this was taken just a few minutes ago up on Midnight Dome-high above Dawson City.




The drizzle finally ended late this afternoon.  This morning I made a loaf of bread, we were so glad it was done in time for lunch.




After lunch we went on a tour of the Palace Grand Theatre along with everyone else trying to get inside out of the rain. 


IMG_0858Here we are on the third floor, our guide is speaking to us from one of the private boxes that would rent for $40 per seat.  Bob is two boxes down from the guide.

After the tour we watched one show of Sergeant Preston of the Yukon, you know the show you and I watched as a kid with his trusty husky, King!

IMG_0868 We then stopped at the Visitor Center and turned in our entry IMG_0873form for the 5 ounces of Gold.   We needed to get 20 stamps (we had 21)  in order to be in the 5 oz drawing, so we are in.  We will know who won in Sept,  hope it is us!!

Tonight went to Diamond Tooth Gerties Casino, guess who just had to have their photo taken with all the lovely ladies!!

IMG_0883 Then to top off the evening, we took a drive up the top of Midnight Dome.  

I just finished reading this from “I Married the Klondike” by Laura Berton, “June 21, the summer solstice, was a day of considerable celebration in Dawson.  It was the habit of the entire town to climb the 1800’ Midnight Dome behind Dawson and celebrate this longest day of the year with an all night picnic.  We left town usually about ten, wearing the absurd clothes of the period (1907), so unsuitable to mountain climbing. …There were no roads up the Dome, but plenty of narrow interesting trails built by those pioneers who preferred to live far from the madding crowd.  … until we reached the top, where at midnight we amused ourselves by taking photographs and picnicking until three or four in the morning.”

Endless views.  Another shot of The Yukon showing Dawson City down by the river. IMG_8601

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Diana, Eric, and kids said...

Sorry we missed you guys! When we got back from the Arctic Circle we were tired. I took a sleeping pill and slept 9.5 HOURS!!! You were gone this morning when I got up. We had a nice drive over the Top of the World Hwy. It's pretty bad in spots (especially US side from Border to Chicken) and we were thankful that we drove the Jeep separate from the RV. Went across the ferry separate too...so Jake was able to take pics of the RV going across.

It was very nice meeting you guys. Not sure if we will cross paths again on this trip, but maybe you can come watch your Alma Mater play in our town and we can get together! I see that you accepted my FB request. My phone dinged with the notification as soon as we got reception, which was just after we got back to the AK Hwy.

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