Saturday, June 5, 2010

Liard River Hot Springs to Watson Lake, Yukon, 130 miles, June 5, 2010

Wildlife: 1 Black Bear, 3 Wood Buffalo, 1 Grizzly Bear

We were on the road this morning by 10:00 am, only after I went back to the springs for another soak, I just loved the hot springs!

040Our views were so picturesque and then just a few more miles I spotted a black bear near a small roadside lake, probably only 5 miles from the Hot springs.

See that small black dot, that is the bear.



A little later Bob spotted these Wood Bison, there had been roadside warning signs to watch for them, so glad we finally see some enjoying the roadside grass pastures.



They had not yet shed their winter coat…but sure loved the roadside grass.

Then, we spotted several vehicles stopped ahead and so we were looking to see what they were looking at, then Bob shouted “a grizzly”. He did get the coach pulled over to the side and got some photos.

147 154

We arrived in the Yukon today, spending the night at Tags RV Park, just across from the famous Sign Post Forest in Watson Lake.

We had fun looking at all the signs and even added one ourselves.


Here is Bob putting our sign up right below some friends of ours’ sign, Chuck and Lorraine and down a few posts from Mark and Sue’s sign from last year.


We brought the license plate cover from our stick and brick house, it was originally used on our old ‘76 Ford van. Bob then used his dremel tool to carve out the words from a scrap of cedar we had brought along as well.


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Happytrails said...

I bet the wildlife sightings were just awesome. When we were at Yellowstone a few years ago and I wanted to see a bear so badly but never did. Lots of buffalo but no bears.
I bet the hotsprings were awesome as well. You all looked like you were so relaxed and having fun. :)

Travel safely and enjoy the journey!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

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