Sunday, June 27, 2010

Dawson City, Day 4, June 27, 2010

Well, bright and early this morning, Bob was up checking to see if the RV caravan had left from the RV Park here.  Yes they had,  so that meant he woke me up and we headed down to the ferry crossing to watch them load their RV’s onto the ferry, as in a few days that will be us.

IMG_0816 The line for the ferry ended near the Visitor Center.  Approximately 25 RV’s were in line.


Here are two RV’s with toads plus another car in front of the RV on the right.

IMG_8496 This stately building is the Commissioner’s Residence.  This structure saw many elegant balls and parties in its day as Dawson, in its prime, was nicknamed Paris of the North.



I loved this bench made from Moose antlers.



Next off to the City Museum where Bob get’s involved in a gold rocker demonstration.  Bob provided the rocking motion and the other fellow poured water over the dirt in the box on top.


The gravel that caught in the riffles (horizontal wood strips) was then placed in a gold pan and panned out.  Yes there was gold, they called it a $20 pan.

IMG_0831 IMG_0832

Loved this thermometer display at the museum.  Before thermometers in the Yukon, prospectors improvised with what they had.  Quicksilver would freeze at –40 degrees, Coal Oil –50, Jamaica Ginger –55, Perry Davis Pain Killer –72, and St Jacob’s Oil, never freezes.



Evaporated Vegetables anyone?

The beginning of instant vegetable soup, yummm.





I had been following a blog of another couple, Diana and Eric plus three kids heading to Alaska.  We met them tonight, so nice to put a name and face together!   In fact,  they were parked just across from us here at Bonanza Gold RV Park.    Big day for them tomorrow, they are driving to the Arctic Circle, about a 11 hour roundtrip drive.  Safe travels my friend!


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Diana, Eric, and kids said...

It was so nice to meet you guys! I hope we aren't too tired when we return tomorrow and that we have a chance to chat again! I've posted an update about meeting you on my blog too!

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