Thursday, June 3, 2010

Fort Nelson to Toad River, BC, 116 miles, June 2, 2010


In our travels north to Alaska, our Explorer is getting dirty, dirty enough for me to be creative. While Bob was waiting for me to confirm the brakes and turn signals were working, I was busy creating!!

Early in our drive we did see a herd of buffalo and a little later a couple of caribou.

006 021 Then the scenic views started to appear, this is Stone Mountain.


Summit Lake (elevation 4200’) at Summit Pass is just a little further up the road.


Our stopping spot for the night was at Toad River Lodge & RV Park. Bob was happy as we found a back in site with no overhead tree cover and are able to get on our satellite for internet connections. We took this photo for several reasons, it shows our clean car and RV, shows our satellite up and working and the also fact it is still light at 9:54 pm! Actual sunset is 10:10 pm and sunrise is 4:07 am. 038 Our site backs up to a beaver pond, they sure are fun to watch being busy. You know the saying “busy and a beaver'”.

Below is the beaver lodge...

037 …and one of its residents. 065

Our evening ended while enjoying a wonderful fire, fed by lots of free firewood!!



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Happytrails said...

Stone Mountain and Summit Lake are just beautiful....and this is only the beginning!! Wow!
I can't believe how light it is for 9:54.
What a nice way to end your day...and free firewood. :)

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

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