Saturday, June 5, 2010

Toad River Lodge RV to Liard River Hot Springs PP, 73 miles, June 4, 2010

Wildlife:  Caribou 3, Moose 1, plus our first mosquitoes (major plural)

With our short drive, our chances for wildlife sightings were slim, but we did see caribou.

079  When driving along we occasionally see these ‘bump’ icon signs followed by a SLOW sign, they mean SLOW down, as sometimes the road is rough.


This is the curvy road beside of Muncho Lake.


033We easily found an RV site at the Liard Hot Springs Provincial Park, there are many many sites we could fit into. 

It wasn’t long until we were off to the Hot Springs to soak.

 096 097 Wonderful warm, warmer and HOT water.  It depended where you entered the pool as to its temperature.  The area near the source was HOT (someone had a thermometer and it was 126 degrees).  The challenge was to add a rock on the rock carnes as an offering to the Hot Springs God/Goddess, so we each did that-quickly.  Here is Bob near the caldron.


Further up the boardwalk was the deeper Beta Pool.  Bob had a great time swimming in that area, we were the only ones there.   I just read that this Beta pool is closed from August 1-May 1 for bears.  So glad we did not see any!

104 After dinner we went back to the hot springs for another soak.  What with all this relaxing, we were so ready for bed.

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