Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Skagway to Whitehorse, 98 miles, June 16, 2010

Well, as you can tell, we have internet tonight and I updated the blog from June 9th.  We are staying tonight at the Caribou RV Park, about 15 miles from Whitehorse.  When we first arrived the Wi-Fi did not work, so after driving into town we checked out the other RV parks and ended up reserving another spot closer, in Whitehorse for three more nights.   Well, after coming back, we found out they were having problems and were able to fix them, so that is why we do have Wi-Fi tonight. 

It was sad to leave Skagway, we both loved this port town.  With four cruise ships in port today, the streets were filling up.

IMG_0164 The clouds today were pretty low over those majestic mountains.


Our border crossing back into Canada went well,  this time the agent came to the front door of the coach, stood on the bottom step and questioned us, he asked to see our Passports, asked us where we lived, where we were going,  did we have any fruits, or veggies, weapons-guns or firearms or pepper spray or bear spray?  any liquor or beer (we said we had a two bottles of liquor-that was OK).  Must have been the right answers as he Welcomed us to Canada.

IMG_7690This is the Carcross Desert found just north of, you guessed it,  Carcross, Yukon.  Yes, it felt like sand, just had to touch it.


Also in today’s journey, came across another section of road being rebuilt, actually very smooth, just gravel, so glad we had our fabric rock shield in place.


IMG_0170  Here is Bob doing his touchy feely thing, touching the mighty Yukon River just outside of the Whitehorse Visitor Center.


Found this sign at the park we are staying in tonight.  The owners are from Switzerland.  Should I help them with their English,  ‘size’ not ‘since’?


Tomorrow we will be moving closer into Whitehorse where we will have three more days to explore before heading out on Sunday towards Dawson City.

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