Friday, June 11, 2010

Flight and Feast at Taku Glacier Lodge, June 11, 2010


Since our floatplane trip to the Taku Glacier Lodge didn’t leave until 11:00, be there by 10:30, we had some exploring time this morning.  This is the totem to the side of the Governor's Mansion.


Bob also found these stairs that he (we) had to climb up.


308Below shows four planes that will be heading out to the lodge today.    We flew on the yellow one coming in.


376The flights out and back were fantastic.  Smooth water takeoff, Bob was smiling ear to ear.

Spectacular scenery from the air.



Below is the Taku River Glacier – huge!!   399

Up close of the glacier eroding away.


Looking down onto a glacier with blue ice small lakes.


This is the glacier just across from the Taku River Lodge called Hole in the Wall.


Here is Taku Lodge.  The smoke is going to cook us some wonderful salmon!!

446 The salmon being cooked on alder wood.


 467 Lunch was all you could eat of salmon grilled and smoked to perfection, baked beans, cole slaw, baked apples and the best herb biscuits made!!



Why all the interest in this tree, well there is a bear treed up near the top.  Since they grill the salmon outside, the smell also draws bears, so before we arrived this bear tried to come in and check out the grill, but was kept at bay by the two fellows with their bear sticks. [Inside family joke… Hey kids, now that is a real bear stick]  check out Bob’s blog for June 11th for a description of me and bear sticks, I do have a history with them.]  Now below check out my new bear stick.

472 We did take a guided walk, along with some uninvited guests,  through the rain forest the one employees that had been there 8 years.



Before we knew it, it was time to head back, just one parting photo with the glacier in the background.

474  I could not resist, just one more shot of a glacier on our way home.418

Juneau from the air.


What a FUN day!!

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