Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Passed Pest Inspection, March 28, 2012

Good things happened today.   The repairs for the dry rot were acceptable to the pest inspector…so we passed!  Now the bathrooms can be completed.  The floor tile work will begin tomorrow in the hall bathroom and the shower stall in the other bathroom will be hot mopped, then the tile work can begin in that shower stall and the floor in a day or so. 

Today we also had the Relo Cube delivered from ABF Trucking.


This unit was then off loaded and placed in our driveway.


Then the packing of the unit begins.  Each box is numbered and I have an inventory of its contents.  This unit will be driven by ABF Trucking to Mission TX (for our coach house) and remain in storage until be get there in mid August.


Bob was also busy today placing a smoke detector in each bedroom and in the kitchen.  When we lived there we only had one in the family room and in the hall near the bedrooms. 

We keep a couple of thought in mind as we keep marking off jobs on our list,  1)  We don’t have to task again!!   and  2)  We are one day closer to being done!!!

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

We are getting there, March 27, 2012

We have been working on the house getting our stuff sorted for one month now, and today was the first day we left the house before 4-5 pm.  The house has been sorted with items for sale, items to put into storage and items to take to Retama Village, our RV lot in Mission, TX. 

Last Sunday our son, Rich, and grandson, Zach, helped us move our stuff to a storage unit using a U-Haul truck.


Here Zach and Bob are being brakes (photo taken just a split second late) for Rich bringing a file cabinet down the ramp.


IMG_3994Our daughter, Jenny, and granddaughter, Abby, looking through a jewelry box for treasures.







Other progress items include, the house to be  listed on April 23rd.

A four day estate sale April 12-15th.  The folks doing the sale have started staging the rooms already. 

The pest inspection revealed some dry rot issues in both bathrooms, so the repairs have been made, hopefully they will pass their Pest re-inspection tomorrow.

The roof inspection revealed additional work to be done, and that work has been completed, now we have a two year guarantee for the new owners.

IMG_3990Bob found in one of the boxes his old clarinet, so we had it refurbished and how our grandson Zach, has it and is learning how to play it again, he did play one a couple of years ago.  He is very excited to have his grandpa’s clarinet.


One day Bob spent all day cleaning the gutters.  Also the house has been power washed, so now we know we only need to repaint the entrance.


On Thursday ABF U-Pack Moving is delivering a Relo Cube for us to pack up, then they will take the cube to the Mission, Texas and keep it in storage until be need it.

So after the Cube is loaded on Thursday, we will be down to the jobs that clean, repair, and/or replace items in the house that need it.  Today we replaced a hall light fixture, turned out the ballast was defective. We are on the down hill slide, having worked so far 14 days straight, working at least part of the last two weekends.  The aches and pains are setting in.

Parting comment – sorting and cleaning out a house is not for sissies.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

It has been awhile, March 4, 2012

It has been almost a month since I last posted and quite a lot has happened. We traveled from Bullhead City AZ to Sacramento CA area. The drive went well even with seven lanes of traffic Bob had to navigate in the last few miles, he was glad it wasn’t too busy for being around 4 pm.


Our first week here we had fun. Bob did his best to roast a fellow co-worker at her retirement party.


Does the five second rule work? Well our granddaughter Abby could tell you, here is her science project.


Was fun watching our grandson Zach swing on a vine near his school. Even grandpa tried it and the vine held strong!


All the grandkids we out of school (Presidents’ Day) so we all ventured to Coloma CA (Gold Discovery site) for a grandma and grandpa field trip day.


Inside a bark house.


But the most fun was climbing on rocks!


Zach celebrated his 13th birthday, he is now a teenager. He even help make and decorate his huge chocolate chip cookie.


We were able to see our granddaughter Lindsey playing fast pitch softball.


Also her sister Abby batting.IMG_3841


Last Saturday morning we ventured out to the local farmers market we used to go to all the time. Found some real bargains, even some small Brussels sprouts which Bob loves.

IMG_3832This past week we have been sorting and sorting at our stick and brick house. It has gone pretty well, but we are bushed when mid afternoon comes. This room full of boxes from his Mom’s house in Ohio will be facing us tomorrow morning. Last week we sorted five rooms plus did a little outside clean up.

The photo below shows a sorted room with items to sell.


Below is Bob with our son Rich and grandson Zach. Notice the rock in the back of Rich’s truck, it is a special rock he salvaged from our back yard before we sell it. He carried that rock for miles on top of his backpack to bring to his mamma.


In this special moment in time…have faith

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