Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spending a Sunday in Skagway, June 13, 2010


184Partly blue skies greeted us on this Sunday, so off we went to a nearby ghost town, Dyea (pronounced D- long i- long e) about 8 miles away. First we visited the Slide Cemetery where abut 70 victims of a slide from 1898 are buried. Dyea is known for the beginning of the Chilcoot Trail, 33 miles long and is one of the two trails up the Bennett Lake then onto Dawson City and the Klondike.


Loved these Western Columbine I found in the Slide Cemetery.


This was the only remaining standing structure in Dyea, it was only a false front propped up.


We did enjoy our ranger led tour of the area, as you can see he has his trusty can of bear spray just in case.


Next was a stroll on the Chilkoot Trail. Well, we only walked a very short distance, but what we did walk was up and up.

637 The ranger had this photo of what is called the Golden Staircase, this was on the Chilcoot Trail. Each miner had, by order of the Canadian Government, to have with him about 2,000 pounds of supplies, what he could not carry himself he paid the local Tlingits (local Indians) $1 per pound to carry for him. What an incredible journey!



With the intention of only having drinks here tonight, we ended up with more drinks, chips, salsa and a pizza. Topped the meal off with some decadent cupcakes.


235This print was framed on the wall of the Red Onion, when I was here ten years ago with my sister, we saw this same print. It is one of those ‘what do you see prints’, there are two ways of seeing it, what do you see?

When the cruise ships leave Skagway, the streets almost roll up and you are able to do this as only Bob can do.


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