Sunday, June 6, 2010

Watson Lake to Teslin, YT, 163 mi., June 6, 2010

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Before leaving Watson Lake, we took one more walk through the sign post forest.

043 It was posted there were 67,983 signs, we added one and I saw someone this morning adding one, so at least 67,985.


Noticed this dog sled at the visitor center in town, loved how they used the lawn chair green webbing! Why not?

Beautiful scenery on today’s drive.


Good roads except for the occasional orange cones with red flags. You better slow down or wish you did.



At one point an ‘Oversized Load’ warning truck passed us, so does that make us the ‘Oversized Load’? In about 10 minutes the actual oversized load semi passed us.


This is Rancheria Falls, it was an easy 10 minute walk from a large parking area right along the Alcan, now Yukon Hwy 1.

Our original plans for the night was to stop at Mukluk Annie’s Salmon Bake RV Park, (located a few miles west of Teslin) but a few miles before arriving in Teslin, we saw a roadside sign for this park with a large “Closed” across it, so on to plan B, the only other RV park close to Teslin, Yukon Motel and Lakeshore RV Park. I have been surprised at most of the RV parks here give you a Good Sam 10% discount.


Tonight’s rate was $24.75 CND with the Good Sam discount. After settling in we headed off to the George Johnston Museum here in Teslin.

They have his original076 car that he purchased in 1928 and had shipped by small paddle wheeler several hundred miles to Teslin. He figured when all the waterways and lakes froze, he had all the roads he needed, the first ice road trucker (sort of). He also built about four miles of crude road in the village, this road eventually became part of the Alcan.

Also enjoyed all the black and white photos that he had taken, he created his own documentary of his life and the Tlingit people.


I am across the lake at an overlook. The RV is parked just to the right of my head back across the lake. We have a wonderful view of distant snow capped mountains.

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Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Thanks for the suggestion on the credit card. That is the same company we are switching to. I am enjoying following along on your adventure. We will be a few weeks behind you, but we may cross paths!

Diana of Celebrating 20!!

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