Monday, June 7, 2010

Teslin, YT, Day of Rest, June 7, 2010

It was decided this morning to take today as a day of rest, we had been traveling seven of the last eight days-we were tired.  We basically did nothing, a couple short walks, oh I almost forgot, washed the coach’s windshield again!  We did see 005some wildlife, a raven.  Found the following information about a raven on a sign inside a small museum here at the park.  “The Raven is Yukon’s official bird and long been a symbol of the northern wildness.   This extremely intelligent bird, often referred to as Canada’s largest songbird has been observed detaching windshield wiper blades with ease and has been able to quickly master drinking through a straw.”

038Also found another friend…he was greeting visitors to the museum and gift shop at the RV park.  Very soft and friendly, I guess you could call him a ‘teddy bear’.

It may take a moment or two to see what has happened in the photo below.  These two moose met their maker joined together.  How sad.

009 This was the end of our day, the last piece of strawberry rhubarb pie the cafe had here at the RV Park.

 012 We keep thinking our internet satellite will not connect to the satellite we used while in the lower 48 (the angle being wrong), but so far so good…but this may be nearing the end.  To change to another satellite that covers Alaska we need to call Motosat and request they switch us, we are waiting until we are in Alaska where our Verizon phone should work just like it does in the lower 48.   Have been surprised that most parks have free Wi-Fi that works pretty well. 

Traveling tomorrow to Carcross YT tomorrow, then probably down to Skagway.

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Kat said...

Those two moose (mooses?) had way too much testosterone for their own good. There must be a lesson in that somewhere.

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