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Exploring Keno, June 22, 2010

We had hoped to be up bright and early this morning, but…I got up around 8 am, Bob around 4 am.  Don’t know why I was so tired, as I went to bed last night around 7:30.  I have been having some trouble sleeping at night with all the daylight, so maybe I was catching up.

IMG_0504Our drive to Keno, all uphill, was about 50 miles on good gravel road, starting out with a slight haze but ended up being sunny when we arrived.


IMG_0509 Keno boasts of a population of 20, just a few streets with houses, museum, library, and a small cafe.  Stopped and visited IMG_8154the Keno Mining Museum, added one more stamp to our Yukon Passport book, if we get 20 stamps, we are then in a drawing for 5 ounces of gold @ about $1,200/ounce.  Right now we have 14 stamps and will pick up the remaining 6 in Dawson City.  I am very confident that Bob or I will win.  Also in Keno and Mayo you can sign up for another drawing for another ounce from each place, did that too.  The picture shows one ounce of gold.



The museum was wonderful with lots and lots of old photos, my favorite.




I am holding a handful of galena, a rich high grade silver lead ore.  These veins were found on Keno Hill in 1906, with the first mill being constructed in 1925. 


These miners were heading out with their pack dogs.

IMG_0543 More miners doing the same.



IMG_0581 Here Betty Taylor interrupts a dog sled trip to pose with her dog Timber (left) and Charlie’s dog (right). ca 1932-1939,  Yukon Archives, Charlie and Betty Taylor.  Look how large those dogs were.

On up the hill we went to see the sign post at the top. 


A storm was threatening us, but make some wonderful photos.

IMG_8193Our picnic lunch was delicious eaten under the signpost which was put up by the United Keno Hills Mines in the 1950’s when the company hosted a group of visiting scientists during International Geophysical Year.  Arrows on the sign point to the various countries represented.  Interestingly enough, none were in the USA.

We found snow at the top, Bob’s great overhand throw and my graceful underhand shot.   Neither hit their target!!










Loved exploring this old miners cabin, the museum fellow said it was a pay station where the miners brought their ore to be paid for it.


Also found an old outhouse. 



Wildflowers were everywhere, here is just one of my shots.





Back in the burg of Keno we found this house covered with 32,000 stubby beer bottles.  The home’s owner had purchased the Keno Hotel before there was a refund for glass bottles, so thought the bottles would help insulate his home, must have worked as they state the home is very warm.

IMG_0677 Loved this huge old barn door.  Such character.

We took the long cut, as the kids would say, back to Mayo.  Saw plenty of bear scat on the road, but no bear.  Did come upon this ptarmigan and her chicks.  Closest thing to a chicken I am going to see.


Tomorrow heading to Dawson City for a few days.

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