Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sikanni River to Fort Nelson, BC, 124 miles, June 1, 2010


Before breakfast Bob was busy at work, the latch that holds my keyboard pullout table closed was broken, so Bob  replaced the broken latch, also found out we were missing a screw in the same area, so he replaced that also.

It was so nice this morning we went outside to eat breakfast.  Within  a few seconds, here is Bob.  The small rickety picnic table could not hold both of us on the same side, Bob tried to prevent the table from tipping up, but as you can see he was unsuccessful.  What you can’t see too well below his feet is his breakfast…on the ground.  We shared my breakfast this morning.  This photo was a reenactment, he wasn’t smiling when it first happened,  luckily he was not hurt.

002  Our drive today went smoothly, only encountered this truck stopped in our lane facing us.  What you don’t see is that his empty trailer is sitting behind him on the berm and he is trying to hook up to another tractor cab that is detached from this trailer of pipe.   We think the other tractor cab was disabled and stopped on the road and he is trying to move it to the side.  The timing was perfect as we were coming up on this road blockage while meeting the lumber truck!


Strange photo, well yes, but it is showing our repair job after we arrived at the Westend RV Park in Fort Nelson, BC.  We


noticed our washer was tipping towards the back left corner, major off balance.  It appears that the bracing that Monaco had used was failing, so Bob added another brace (dark brown in color) screwing it into the floor and the top, the washer sits on top of this shelf. 017 Bob was



planning on taking out the washer and rebuilding the shelf, but when we found out on the net (park Wi-Fi) the washer weighs 153 pounds, decided this quick fix would probably hold it securely.  He did a great job working in this very snug space!


This afternoon we got our first taste of an Alaskan caravan, this group includes 25 Beaver owners.  They kept arriving all afternoon in small groups.  Found out they are leaving in the morning in groups of four starting at 8 am and then every 10 minutes until everyone has left.  Today we did not have a reservation, but by arriving early, by noon, were able to get a site. 

See Bob unique method of leveling the coach today, the site was a little unlevel and they had not yet spread the gravel that had been dumped near the driveway-so Bob helped them.



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Happytrails said...

Lots of repairs today....glad you all got everything fixed up. I guess I need to check my washer/dryer more often to make sure it is still secure.

Safe travels and enjoy the journey!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

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