Monday, May 31, 2010

Dawson Creek, BC, Day 3, May 30, 2010

Today's adventures with Dave and Jody began at 9 am with them picking us up. We were then off to Tumbler Ridge where they had recently opened a Dinosaur Museum talking about recent finds found in 2000 by a couple of boys of dinosaur walkways and fossil bones. You know I love this sort of thing, both Bob and I were soaking up all we could.

027 Even found some fossils like what I found on the farm I grew up on in SE Ohio. Crinoids.


This example of a trackway was on display outside the entrance.

091 On our way to Tumbler Ridge, Dave spotted a bear along the roadside. Our FIRST BEAR. He was eating dandelion flowers.

043 Then onto Kinuseo Falls which is in Monkman Provincial Park. This drive took about two hours on gravel road beyond Tumbler Ridge with different degrees of potholes. Great job of driving Dave.

Once we arrived at the Park, lunch was in order. We all collected wood and Jody collected some scrap paper to get a fire going so we could have a hot dog roast. Dave had gone to their local butcher and bought some hot dogs they make – wonderful! Lunch was watermelon, strawberries, red peppers, these delicious hotdogs with all the fixings, and banana nut bread for dessert.101046


The perfect DOG!!

Dave also cut us roasting sticks!

052Well, near where we are lunch, guess what we found, moose droppings, don’t they add contrast to the background for the dandelions?

This is Kinuseo Falls, now this was spectacular and the roar of the spring runoff was deafening! These falls are taller than Niagara!


115 119

The day had been overcast, but the sun came out when we were at the falls, creating this rainbow!

Evidence of beavers in the area.



And of course, the wildflowers.

065 068

129 Thanks for a wonderful day Dave and Jody!!

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Happytrails said...

What a great day! Love the lunch complete with campfire and cookout...couldn't be more perfect.
Kinuseo Falls is spectacular!
The dinosaur museum is awesome...I bet you could spend an entire day there.
And the neat. :)
Continue to have fun, learn lots of history and enjoy, enjoy!

Mike & Gerri

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