Saturday, May 8, 2010

Coach work continues, Apr 29-May 8, 2010

Over the past week, most of the work on the coach was completed in three days.  Since we originally did not know about Guaranty RV Service having a place to park and hook up (electricity and water if needed)  we paid for a week’s stay at an RV park in Harrisburg (4 miles away).  So in the morning we would drive the coach to Guaranty then back to the RV park at night.  When our week was up (Tues the 4th) at the RV park we then settled into the Guaranty lot.  Needless to say the best part about being here is it is free and we do have 50 amp electric.  The spaces are so narrow, we can only have one slide out.

023 Also during this time our Directv DVR decides to quit working, so we only have 2.5 channels to watch on TV with our antenna.  When we arrive at our next stop in Silverton, OR there will be a new DVR waiting for us from Directv.

Here is an update on the list:

1.  Ice maker leak:  our frig was not on the recall list, so the tech looked for the leak, found nothing, even cycled it, dumped ice and made new cubes.  Found  no leak.  Well that evening, we checked under the frig and low and behold the valve to the ice maker was not turned on, we turned it off several months ago when we first discovered the leak-wet carpet.  That is why they could find no leak-the water was turned off.

That evening we turned it on and by morning water was visible on the board under the frig – water leak-yes!

Now another day they checked again for the leak, this time turned on the valve and no obvious leak. We told them we had the coach hooked up to city water when we had the leak, so they also did that and guess what – a drip appears from a tiny pin hole and continued to drip about every 15 seconds.  These photos are taken from the back of the frig – what you see when you take off the outside panel.

003 Now the fix, and no more leak.  DONE

005 2.  Awning:  on order, should be here next Tues, May 11th. PENDING

3. Shock absorber:  turns out they could not find one like we have, so ended up putting on two a little heavier duty than we had.  DONE

4.  Maintenance – DONE

5. Roof recalking – DONE

While  here in Junction City we purchased a 7’ folding ladder from Camping World (just a mile down the road).  We came up with this nifty way of mounting it in our bay.  It is attached to our joey bed slide out drawer.  Two sets of these brackets were used with eye bolts securing the ladder between them.  Works great!



022Bob was spray painting a bracket on the Explorer black and accidently sprayed himself.  His glasses also cleaned up well.



003One of our waiting around days we visited Northwest RV Supply and I fell in love with their resident cat. 





071Went for a drive in the country today and saw beautiful wild iris along the roadside and about 20 wild turkeys.  I even had a conversation with these guys – gobble-gobble-gobble and they answered me back!

In this special moment in life…pick some flowers (and I did, two of the wild iris)

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Happytrails said...

Glad to see your "fixes" are getting taken care of. :)

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

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