Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Prince George to Chetwynd, BC, 194 miles, May 26, 2010

Big day for us, our first fuel fill in BC.  This morning Bob left the coach and yours truly at the Casino in Prince George and went on a  mission, to find a gas station that had diesel that we could get the coach in and out.  He got caught in some traffic redirection due to construction and was gone longer than I thought he should be.  But he did make it back to the coach about 30 minutes later, we hooked up and backtracked a couple of kilometers.  He pulled into this Shell station, which had Flying J pumps on the side.   We bought 249.55 liters (62.92 gallons) for $246.31 Canadian (about US$231.25), that makes the price per gallon about $3.67/gallon.  Since we charged the fuel, I won’t know until tomorrow or the next day what the actual conversion amount will be.


At our lunch pull off along Rt 97, Bob found out we were not the first visitors of the day.  Prints of moose??


These falls at Bijoux Falls Provincial Park were swift and loud.


012This park is also know for its sightings of the BC provincial bird,  the Stellar’s Jay.  I did see one, but the photo isn’t the best.

The closer we drove to Chetwynd, the more mountains.  This area is the Rocky Mountain Trench, marking the western boundary of the Rocky Mountains.

016  Also in the mountains they were doing more road construction, here is the  lineup in front of us.



Upon arrival in Chetwynd, you can see how dirty our car got going through the road construction area.  It had rained before we got there, so…it was muddy.  Shortly after arriving at Westwind RV Park, we did get a heavy rain shower which did wash some of the grit and grime off.  I still got out and washed the coach’s windshield and front as we had murdered way too many of a black fly/bug creature.  Bob helped out and washed the Explorer’s windows.

038 You can see the black spots on the coach, well they were all over the windshield too!

Tomorrow morning we are going to be visiting the town of Chetwynd and see some of their chain saw sculptures.

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Happytrails said...

The Bijoux Falls are just beautiful! I love to visit falls and listen to the rush of the water.
Looks like lots of roadwork and traffic backups but well worth the wait. I couldn't believe the dirt and mud on your toad and the bugs on your MH.

Have fun!
Mike & Gerri

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