Monday, May 17, 2010

Bellingham WA to Hope BC, 74 miles, May 17, 2010

Excitement was in the air this morning as we woke up,  the first time, it was 1 am when our carbon monoxide alarm went off.  Where, what, and why!?!  Everything we checked seemed OK…but  it kept  beeping louder, then I pushed the Test Reset button, the only button I could see and the beeping did stop. 

003By 10:00 am we left the RV park, topped off the diesel.  The drive was about 30 miles to the border, and we did have construction.  Bob did a great job of missing the orange barrels.


The border crossing at Sumas went smoothly.  First we drive up his narrow traffic lane to the agent’s booth.  Bob’s first words to the agent as he handed the him our passports was “Is this your driving test to enter Canada?”  He then answered several questions:  Where are we from?  Where are we going?  How long will we be in Canada?  How many people are on board?  Your spouse?  How many years married?  Any fruits or vegetables on board?  Would they find any guns, rifles, shotguns, ammunition, pepper spray or mace onboard? And I won’t find any holsters either?  His answers must have been what they wanted to hear as he told Bob he had passed the driving test and waved us on.  We had understood that some RV’s are boarded and inspected, we were prepared, but did not happen to us.

007 The red car at the agent’s booth in this photo was pulled over to be inspected.

010We still have hope we would find Hope – only 78 kilometers (abt 47 miles).

While traveling the first few miles, I was trying to figure out how to change the GPS from miles to kilometers – finally found it – so now Bob knows how fast he is going.  [The speedometer also has the kilometers along with the MPH, but it is hard to see.]


We DID make it to HOPE.






Here is the view outside our door.  When we arrived the sun was out, but soon it started to mist and lightly rain. 

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And the journey begins!!!! :)

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