Sunday, May 23, 2010

Spences Bridge, BC – Day 3, May 23, 2010

Since this is our last day in Spences Bridge before heading north, exploring the area was in order.  Saw this big horn sheep along the road, it was shedding its winter coat.


I think this is a big horn sheep only because the road signs were warning us to watch out for them along and on the road.


Just love this old church built around 1905 following a landslide that buried a nearby First Nation’s village near Spences Bridge. The slide dammed the Thompson River for four hours and also washed out the bridge with the same name as the village.

035 039

While visiting this 105 yr old beauty, another visitor arrived.  Yes, there was a bell, would have loved to hear it ring.

Also came across three old cemeteries.  One interesting observation – two cemeteries were right next to each other.  In one cemetery the graves were situated west to east, and the other cemetery they were south to north?   From the names, we believe the cemetery where the graves were facing north were the First Nations (Native Americans as we from the US would call them).

015   The Acacia Grove RV Park where we are staying is situated on the bank of the 061

Thompson River.  On both sides of the river there are railroad tracks.  We have enjoyed watching the trains, when one goes by near us, the coach shakes, like an earthquake!  So glad we have not been bothered at night by their whistles or shaking.

The rain shower this afternoon did not stop our hungry hummers.


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Happytrails said...

What a history lesson!! I love history and I can only imagine all the neat history of different places you will be discovering.
Love that church...what character!

Thanks for the information regarding the bird feeding pole system. Mike is going to work on making us one. :)

Safe travels,
Mike & Gerri

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