Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hope, BC – Day 4, May 20, 2010

This afternoon we ventured again to downtown Hope.  Hope is surrounded on all four sides by steep snow capped mountains.  All morning we had spots of sunshine between short rain showers.

012 We enjoyed seeing all the wood chainsaw carvings, many done by Paul Ryan, a famous regional chainsaw artist.  The bear below was at least 12’ tall.





Here is Bob walking out of a grocery store into a healthy rain and sleet shower.  Don’t worry,  in about five minutes, the sun was peeking through again.




020This is called the Christ Church, it is the oldest church on the BC Mainland.  It was consecrated in 1861 when the Cariboo Gold Rush was booming.  Unfortunately, the front door was locked, as we hoped to be able to see inside.

Tomorrow, we are traveling to Spenses Bridge (90 kilometers north on Rt 1) where we will spend the Victoria Day Holiday.

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