Thursday, May 27, 2010

Chetwynd to Dawson Creek, BC, 62 miles, May 27, 2010

What is not right with this photo?

056 Well we are hitched up and not at the RV site – all of those are OK, but when you add the fact our  Motosat is NOT stowed, then it gets really bad!!  Always when we do something out of order, not everything gets done as was this morning.

First this morning, we walked around Chetwynd and were amazed by all of the chainsaw carvings.

009 020

044  033

There were many many more, but I think the moose was my favorite.

So after coming back to the coach to leave, we forgot we had not stowed the Motosat.  Earlier when it would have been stowed, the power to the controller had been turned off so the blue light on top does not show.  With the power off, it won’t stow, it was then turned on and then waited for it to power up.  Well we left to visit the carvings without stowing.   So when we came back we thought everything was ready to roll, Bob backed out of the site due to trees being in our way to pull forward and I was to drive the car around to hook up, well the car keys were in the coach, so I walked over to where Bob was going to be to get the keys and that is when I saw it, the Motosat was still UP.  So at this point, Bob turns on the inverter, waits for the controller to power up, then stow it.  All in all no damage, well, maybe to our psyche.  I guess it is back to using the checklists!

Our drive today to Dawson Creek was short, only 62 miles.  We are staying in the Mile “0” RV Park and it has many open spots.  The fellow next to us must think it is OK to use a green garden hose for his fresh water.

062 105 Can you pick us out?  We are on the right hand side with the red Explorer parked behind.

Our first sunny sunset since entering BC.



Kat said...

Yikes! I once discovered my TV antenna still up by seeing it's shadow beise me as I drove down the road. Luckily you didn't get that far. Good observation powers, Linda.

Happytrails said...

I am so glad you all avoided what would have been a costly mistake. You are right....doing something out of order can cause forgetting something important. All is well!!

Those carvings are just awesome!!
I love the moose too.

Nice sunset....enjoy Dawson Creek!

Mike & Gerri

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