Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Guaranty RV Service, Junction City, OR – Apr 28, 2010

Now this is what it looks like when I want to know how fast the wind is blowing and Bob did not put out our weather station.  He has this nifty bracket attached to our ladder on the back of the coach that this pole slips down into, but had not put it out.

009 Pretty funny if you ask me, by the way it was blowing about 15 mph.

010 Here is Bob exiting the coach just after he pulled up in front of Guaranty RV Service.    Today was just a day figuring out what needs to be done –

1.  The ice maker leak repair is on hold as the frig (Norcold) may be on a recall list and they have to pull out the frig for that recall repair, then they can at that time check the ice maker, thus no labor charge $105/hr for that repair.  We should know tomorrow about the recall. 

2.  Gave the go ahead for the new window awning, approx 50” wide by 20” tall.  Carefree of Colorado don’t have our exact color of fabric, but we chose another one very close in color.  This awning is for a small window on the passenger side in our desk area.

3. Okayed the replacement of one leaking shock absorber. 

4. Okayed the 30,000 mile maintenance:  lube chassis, oil change and filter, both fuel filters, hydraulic system and hydraulic filter, air dryer, cooling system flush and fluids, and air filter.

5. Roof:  all four corners of the roof will be rechalked, basically where the end caps connect to the body of the coach.   

We are to report back tomorrow morning at 8 am and Guaranty will start on the list.


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Kat said...

Now that's what I call a weather girl!

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