Monday, April 26, 2010

Winchester Bay, OR – Apr 24-26, 2010

Like a magnet, we are naturally drawn to the Reedsport/Winchester Bay area, after all since we quit our jobs, we have spent 6 months in this area (Sept/Oct in 06, 07, and 08).  001

On the drive 101 north from Coos Bay/North Bend area you cross this beautiful bridge designed by Conde B McCullough. His bridge designs are unique.

In Winchester Bay, we decided to park at the Salmon Harbor Marina ($14/nite) – they offer no hookups, but what they do offer is a view!  Below is the view outside our coach?  (Yes, John, the one in the center is “For Sale”-it’s name is the Hellifina.)

040 Our next stop was to see Oregon’s crown jewel – the Umpqua River Light House.  Of course, we are prejudiced as we think it is awesome.  We did stop into the gift shop and museum, but did not tell them we were former volunteers. 008The LH tour, let us say was a little rough, some of the  information he told the group must have come from his big imagination.  It took all Bob had not to tell him his facts were not exactly or even near being correct.  Don’t think we studied the same guide information.  Oh well, Bob actually did a great job as a guide when we volunteered here, his act is hard to follow.




We drove from the Marina to the LH after dark  and that is when this LH shines, so to speak!

Bob zoomed in on the light and caught the image below – pretty good for us amateurs.


106 When in Sacramento we bought two bottles of  Kombucha, a 032Chinese tea that is cultured for 30 days.  During that time essential nutrients form - healthy ingredients like amino acids and antioxidants.  Well, I have to tell you, it is an acquired taste, but not bad because you know it is good for you.  

Sunday morning we attended Reedsport Church of God, we sure enjoyed attending this small church when we were volunteering here and today was no different.

On Sunday afternoon, we drove over to the Harrisburg, OR area (N of Eugene).  This morning we drove to Guaranty Service in Junction City (not far away) and have an appointment for Wed. to see if they can get us in to fix our leaky ice maker and measure for a new window awning we want installed.  They will then have to order the awning and then another day have it installed, well that is at least what we think will happen.


Travelwithwhippets said...

I remember reading Bob's blog back in '06 when you first worked there, then the next years. It was obvious that he immersed himself in giving that tour and did a wonderful job, so I can just imagine how hard it was for him to keep his mouth shut!!

John and Judy said...

Ahhh- beautiful Winchester Bay with a glass of Kombucha too! Great pictures!!

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