Monday, August 16, 2010

Windy evening in Windy Pass, Aug 16, 2010

We have taken today as a rest up day from our bus trip yesterday.  Also I extended our stay here, now leaving on Friday heading towards Fairbanks.  The office staff lowered our rate to $30/nite for three more nights and then we get a 7th night free, that will be Thursday.

Both Bob and I spent quite a bit of time this morning updating our respective blogs.  Later I baked a batch of the South Beach Diet Nutty Granola Topping,  sure enhances puddings and yogurt, or for me, I love just to eat it by itself.

IMG_0425a Around 10 am this morning  the wind speed began to increase and by 7 pm we were experiencing sustained winds around 40-45 mph with gusts to 55-60 mph.  These readings are from our own wind/weather station Bob has mounted to our back ladder.  It is now 9:15 pm and the winds are still continuing and according to weather underground, the winds are forecast to continue until 4 am tomorrow morning.  The above photo shows the coach after one slide was put in, the slide topper racket was loud.

IMG_2657 Now, here is what the coach looks like now, with both slides pulled in.  Much quieter, but the coach is still rocking with the 35-45 mph winds. 


Our view out the front of the coach. 

As I finish this post I checked the history on the wind for today, sustained winds clocked at 57.7 and gusts to 65.9 mph!  And I thought we were in Alaska not Kansas.  Actually the area where we are staying is near the pass called Windy Pass, I believe!


Diana of Diana Rambles said...

If the trailer's a must be Windy Pass!

Happytrails said...

Wind is something that makes me nervous in our MH. I think it is the noise those slide toppers make but it sounds like we are going to launch at any moment.
Pulling in the slides is the best fix.

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

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