Thursday, August 5, 2010

Homer to Soldotna, 75 miles, Aug 5, 2010

Well, a change of plans. We were on the road by 9:25 this morning, which is early for us.  Our plans were to travel to Williwaw USFS Campground, between Portage and Whittier.   But while in transit I mentioned there were some places I wanted to see in the city of Kenai which is near Soldotna so Bob blurts out, why not stop and spend a day or two there and see the sights we missed before.  When we were here before Bob was in the throws of a bad cold so he was not doing anything.  So here we are in Soldotna, where we left a week ago, at the Best Western King Salmon RV Park, $37.10, full hookups. Love the fact, we (the RV) are casting a shadow, that means the SUN is out!!!IMG_2149 I took a photo walk at the edge of the RV Park,  Look what I found,  many many mushrooms.  Also had fun creating a collage with Picasa.

2010-08-05 The reason we are sort of stalling leaving this area is because we want to observe a Bore Tide.  Next Monday and Tuesday there is suppose to be a strong Bore Tide about 20 miles from the Williwaw USFS Campground at Bird Point.  Check out the link for exactly what a Bore Tide is.  Thanks Roscoe for the info about the occurrence of a Bore Tide.

IMG_2151 Beauty in the what we would call the common wildflower or weed,  '’Clover”.

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Diana of Diana Rambles said...

Oooh...maybe you will see some Belugas!!! I would also guess you are stalling so that you don't have to travel north toward the fires.

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