Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Shopping and a Dinner Theater, Aug 17, 2010

The winds did slow down by sunrise this morning, so it was safe to put our slides back out. 

Here is a time-lapse video Bob set up yesterday, early evening, when it was so windy, one frame every 20 seconds.


Late morning we headed back to the commercial area near the entrance to National Park.  We ended up booking a Jeep Tour for tomorrow (another 2 for 1 ticket deal from the Great Alaskan Tour Saver Book), Bob is really excited as he gets to drive a Jeep Wrangler.   The time is coming soon for us to replace our Ford Explorer and he really wants a Jeep, so this is a chance for him to try one out.

Did some looking, but no buying yet at the shops.  Getting some ideas though, love this Christmas Ornament.  Yes, it is made from a moose dropping!



Also this morning on our outing we made reservations for the Cabin Night Dinner Theater (2 for 1 coupon).  Family style dinner, the best ribs we have had for a long time, salmon, potatoes, corn, baked beans, rolls, and berry cobbler with whipped cream. 


IMG_2684Turns out our waiters and waitresses are the entertainers for the dinner show.  Some singing, some story telling of some of Alaska’s stories, and a dramatization of a Robert Service Poem-The Shooting of Dan McGrew


This fellow from the audience play the drunk that shot Dan McGrew.

Below you can see one entertainer doing an audience participation song.  My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean.  You were to raise or lower your hands whenever you sang a word that began with a B.  Try it, it is not easy.

IMG_2690a  The group did a great show.


I have always been intrigued about  how a chain works as a drain spout, well tonight I got to see one in action.  Pretty cool photo.



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Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

We missed a lot of neat things in the TourSaver, but we got our money's worth as I sold it on eBay for $70 on the way home from the trip. It looks WINDY there!

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