Tuesday, August 24, 2010

A Trip on Discovery, Aug 23, 2010

Loved the dog across the road from us.  There is almost more hanging off the chair than on it.

IMG_2852 Today we took the Riverboat Discovery Boat Cruise


IMG_0681As you can see, it was a sunny bright day and we were able to get seats on the top deck.





As part of the boat tour, we were able to watch a bush pilot take off and land right next to the boat.


Next, was a stop along the river where the Susan Butcher’s Iditarod champion sled dogs were. 

IMG_2860  This next photo is of the team on the go.  These sled dogs just LOVE to pull.


This is what the brochure says is the “wedding of the rivers”, the clear water of the Chena flows into the world’s greatest glacier-fed Tenana River.


Next the boat stopped at Chena Village, which resembles an Athabascan Indian Village from the early 1900’s.

IMG_0695IMG_0705 This young lady showed us the dog food cut for this salmon.  It is filleted leaving it attached somehow?, dried, then smoked.  One fish per dog per day.





IMG_0698 Just loved this fur coat.  IMG_2881

An Athabascan type of teepee (spruce poles with caribou hides), with a birch bark canoe in the background.

Bob and I really loved the sled dog area.  We both got a chance to pet these dogs.  All the dogs were very slim, even though they eat three pounds of food twice a day, and that’s their summer diet.





This is Lance Mackey, 4 time winner of the Iditarod.  He was at the Discovery Center Gift Shop doing a photo op and book signing.








Here is Bob standing on the runners of the Iditarod winning sled of Lance Mackey. We were told this sled cost $3500.

IMG_0725 Here is the home of a retired airline pilot. IMG_2859

It was a great day for our Riverboat Discovery boat tour.



Kathy said...

All I can say is: ENVY, ENVY, ENVY!!!
You got to see Lance!!
I loved both of our cruises on the Discovery! The first one we met Susan Butcher, of Iditarod fame, but also my hero! I was in Seventh Heaven!
I just loved that golden retriever in the lawn chair! How funny! I can't imagine our Raider trying that! There aren't any pillows!
Have fun and enjoy Fairbanks for me!

Erin said...

Thanks for reminding me of the great day we had aboard the Discovery III nine years ago. It was a nice day to float down the river (or should I say rivers), but I also enjoyed the educational bits and pieces along the way. We were privileged to have Susan Butcher talk to us about the Iditarod and her dogs. (I was sorry to hear that she has since passed away.)

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