Saturday, August 7, 2010

Seeing Soldotna & Kenai again, Aug 6, 2010

Note: Today, for some reason, the formatting is off a little in the blog. Somedays I win and somedays I don't.

This morning we headed off to the Visitor Center here in Soldotna. On display was this World record King salmon, caught in 1985 right here in the Kenai River and tipped the scales at 97.25 pounds, 58 1/2” long.


IMG_0029 See my new friend.


Then we walked down to the Kenai River to the fishing boardwalk.


Saw this fellow reel in a salmon, but it was snagged in the body, so he released it. You have to hook or snag it in the mouth to make it a legal catch.



All the fire hydrants here in Soldotna look like this. They have this red and white pole extending up about five feet, so they can be found when it snows.

After lunch at the coach, we headed to Kenai (abt 10 miles north) to check out their Visitor and Cultural Center. On the way stopped at this small chapel along the way. (For some reason this photo is not showing.)


Now, below is one of those I just can’t believe displays.




Close up of the miscellaneous tackle in the tangle.IMG_2221

Beautiful Yup’ik Baskets behind this ivory carving were among many other exhibits at the Cultural Center.IMG_2226

IMG_2222Another interesting item, Ulkesa, a bear intestine bag made in 1949. (Bag constructed of bear gut, lined with burnt orange satin.

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Happytrails said...

I love your post! You and Bob find the most interesting things...I just love it!!
That is a huge salmon! I would have been fun to watch the fella land that one.
Never would have thought of having to put a pole up 5ft. in order to find the hydrant in the snow.
Love the chapel....very quaint.

Have fun!
Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

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