Friday, August 13, 2010

Palmer to Denali Park, 210 miles, Aug 13, 2010

Well, our plans were not to drive all the way here today, but, where we thought we were going to stay the night was really a large pull off with views of Mt. McKinley (Denali).  You could camp overnight, but we chose to drive another 100 miles and now we are here, at the Denali RV Park, $35/night for 30 amp full hookups.  The RV park is about 8 miles north of the entrance road to Denali NP.

IMG_0248 Let me back up to before we left this morning, it was time to do some cleaning. IMG_2425

Did you know, you can legally buy fireworks in Houston, here is one of their huge roadside stands.  Not sure where you can legally set them off?

IMG_2426 Well, there is road construction and then there is ROAD construction from the dirt up.  This section of the Park’s Hwy was down to the dirt.

IMG_2431 Bob was excited because they had put down construction fabric for road base stabilization.  He used to sell this product in a former life.

IMG_2443 I was quite impressed, the operator of this heavy equipment was a female.  She must be really good, to have what is considered a “man’s’ job.  Good for her!!

IMG_2451 Couldn’t have guessed it, but this lake was named Mirror Lake.

IMG_2460 Here we are all cozy at the RV park. 

The following four trucks are parked in front of us, loved all their own versions for road guard protection.  They are all part of an Adventure Caravan.

IMG_2455a This one has a moose guard too!




After dinner we noticed a rainbow over the mountain right in front of us...


…the other end.


Tomorrow, we are headed to the National Park to see what we can see.  Plan on taking the all day park bus trip, but will do that either on Sunday or Monday.

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Happytrails said...

Man those roads can be a real mess! Glad you made it safely to Denali...enjoy!!

Mike & Gerri (happytrails)

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