Thursday, August 26, 2010

Univ of AK Museum of the North, Aug 26, 2010


This morning we headed out to use probably our last 2 for 1 Great Alaskan Tour Saver coupon we will be using at the University of Alaska Museum of the North. What a fantastic museum!

IMG_0862 First off, along the walkway was my all time favorite flower, maroon scabiosa.


This was one huge Kodiak bear.




Not intentionly, Bob took the photo of this polar bear - with antlers.

Below is a mummified remains of a 36,000 year old Steppe Bison named Blue Babe.

IMG_3015 IMG_2977 Beautiful Aleut baskets. These woven grass baskets have been recognized to be among the finest in the world.


I loved this Walrus ivory carving!

Chief Jacob’s Jacket. Made by his wife Bella Luke from Moosehide, velvet, dentalia shells and beads. The beadwork was done by the chief’s 14 year old stepdaughter.

IMG_3009 IMG_3007

A bag made from Salmon skins and moosehide at the top.

The sculpture was titled: Arctic Shadow. Loved the bear’s expression.

IMG_3026 IMG_3023

The sign said “Do not Touch”, but then how did the nose get so shiny?


This piece of art was titled, American Gothic 1985. Gelatin silver print by Charles Mason.

Below is a huge chair made from moose antlers. A bull moose loses his antlers every year, so no moose was injured to make this chair.

IMG_3014 IMG_0890

This is the “Place Where you go and Listen”. “This ever-changing musical ecosystem gives voice to the rhythms of daylight and darkness, the phases of the moon, the seismic vibrations of the earth and the dance of the aurora borealis, in real time.” The room was quite different than anything I have ever experienced as you were bombarded by all types of sounds, but nothing you could identify. It is one of those places you need to see and hear to understand what, I don’t know.

IMG_0886 The above was piece of art was titled “Great Alaskan Outhouse Experience, they pointed out that you must have foam for the seat or you WILL stick to it at –40 degrees. I know TMI.


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