Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Williwaw USFS CG (near Whittier) to Palmer, 88 miles, Aug 10, 2010

We had some excitement this morning before we left, which resulted in our towing what I call a dead car to Palmer. The car was parked in front of the coach, so I decided to drive the garbage to the dumpster a short distance away, since it was misting heavily. Got there fine, turned off the Explorer, then tried to start it back up to drive back to our site, well, it would NOT start. Because of the sounds of me trying to start it, the camp hosts, who were parked close by, came to my aid. Mrs. Camphost drove me back to the coach for me to tell Bob that the car would NOT start. He then walked to the Explorer and then walked back, he could not get it started either. We would have to drive the coach out and rescue the Explorer.

Now usually we pull the Explorer up to the coach, this time we were backing the coach up to the Explorer. Actually this process went well (to my surprise), we hitched up the dead car and off we head towards Palmer.

IMG_2376 Our drive was picturesque on the drive along Turnagain Arm,

IMG_2379 then through Anchorage.

IMG_2382We arrived at a different RV park than we stayed at last time in the Wasilla/Palmer area. This time we are at The Homestead RV Park, a Passport America park, $17/night for water and electric, dump station on site, we are paying $1/day for Wifi, too many trees for our satellite internet to work.

IMG_2386 We asked at the office about repair facilities for the Explorer and they suggested we go to the Ford Dealer in Wasilla. So with our fingers crossed, Bob started the Explorer with some difficulty, and off we went. Well they kept the Explorer for an appointment tomorrow and brought us back to the RV park in their free shuttle. So here we are until we get the phone call the Explorer is fixed.

IMG_0235a We often see cats on leaches, but this was the first cat I have ever seen actually walking around, scratching trees, sniffing bushes and pulling.

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