Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Jeep Safari, Aug 18, 2010


As it turned out, Bob got to drive the lead jeep with the guide in the back seat.  He had a BLAST!!  I do know what our next vehicle will be – a jeep!!

IMG_2706 It was a little drippy outside, but we were inside, so the weather did not matter.  The Jeep caravan headed out, we drove a short distance on pavement, see these frost heaves.  The cause, permafrost is just about 18” below the surface.  Then the road turned to a gravel dirt puddle road.


Our first puddle crossing of many.


We stopped for a break and also to shift the jeeps into 4 wheel drive for the roads coming up.

IMG_2716 IMG_2718 Those Jeep Wranglers just kept going and going!



Soon we arrived at the Stampede Kitchen, where we enjoyed a tasty lunch of beef stew with fry bread.


IMG_2723 IMG_2724 IMG_2731 Soon it was time to head back.

IMG_2736 In the above photo, we had just dropped into this deep hole the split second after I took this photo, the force of hitting the bottom propelled the camera out of my hands, hitting the dash, yikes, but Bob did a great job of climbing out the other side and on we went.



This is a happy jeep driver!







Our guide Aaron and Bob.





The RV park is just about vacant, tonight they have six overnighters.  This is out front window view, love those mountains.



Kathy said...

Hi Linda and Bob,
How are your backs after that grueling jeep ride?!
Mine is aching sympathy pains for yours! LOL
Aren't those mountains so beautiful and mysterious looking on stormy days! Like: how many wild beasts are up there roaming around? Grizzlies, wolves and Moose?!
Thanks for the trip down memory lane!
Fairbanks has been rather dry compared to the rest of the state.
Friday is suppose to be sunny and 66, just in case you have time to get up there! :)
Happy Trails,

Diana of Diana Rambles said...

That looks FUN! Did you just do back roads in the area?

Jeeps are great to tow! Just check the bumpers! LOL!

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