Monday, August 2, 2010

To the End of the Road, Aug 2, 2010

This morning brought us clear skies, I packed up a lunch and off we went to see some sights north of Homer.  Anchor Point, about 25 miles north of Homer, was our first stop.  Captain James Cook was here with two ships the Resolution and Discovery during the summer of 1778, he named this area “Laida”, but was renamed by early homesteaders ‘Anchor Point’ to commemorate the loss of an anchor off the point. 

History: Anchor Point, Alaska is named for a lost anchor. Captain James Cook sailed into this inlet looking for a Northwest Passage and lost a large kedge anchor in the powerful tidal currents here. A kedge anchor is a light anchor used to free a grounded boat by hauling in on an anchorline that has been secured in deeper water by a smaller boat or dinghy.


Anchor Point Alaska also has another interesting claim to fame, it is the most westerly highway point in North America.  This plaque was placed here in 1971…then they built a road west to the beach.  So we ended up visiting both places plus an RV park in-between and took pictures.



 IMG_9922 IMG_9931 Had also heard about the use of tractors to launch and pull out boats on the Cook Inlet.  Something I wanted to see with my own eyes.  So we drove to Deep Creek Recreation Area and watched. 


This one is being launched.IMG_2085

Stopped at the  Russian Orthodox Church in Ninilchik located on a beautiful bluff overlooking the Cook Inlet.




One grave had these crosses cut into the picket fence surrounding the grave with these beautiful flowers, had to touch them to see if they were real, they were.IMG_2072

We stopped at another cemetery, he pulled up and stopped, then…I saw it,  a MOOSE.


IMG_9905  After the moose sighting, we did explore this cemetery overlooking the Cook Inlet.  Yes, I did pick a bouquet of daisies, don’t think the locals will mind.


Loved this “Reserved” sign. 


At the last stop for our Westerly Road sign, we observed this eagle enjoying a snack at the beach.



See Mount Redoubt in the background, it is a 9,000’ volcano.


Received a phone call last night, our grandson Justin, is in the hospital with an infection which began from a blister on his toe.  He got the blister from standing barefoot on the searing hot cement of their pool deck.  Living in the Sacramento area in the summer is be HOT!  Prayers appreciated!!

Also here are a couple of  links for my sister, about how good chocolate is for a cold.  Eat up and feel better soon!

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Diana, Eric, and kids said...

I am glad you got the chance to go down to Deep Creek. The eagles and boat launch are fun to see. Did you meet Gene? (camp host)

We went to Anchor Pt and only saw the sign that is peeling along the bottom. I was surprised it wasn't in better shape since that is what attracts people to the area.

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