Tuesday, August 3, 2010

At Home in Homer, Aug, 3, 2010

With our plans to have a late lunch at Capt Patties,we left the coach around 2:30 to drive down to the spit.  Well, today a cruise ship was docked and about 1600 people swarmed the small area of the spit leaving not much room for anyone else.

We decided to come back tomorrow for our lunch on the spit.



Our dinner tonight, grilled turkey burgers and veggies, very good.

Below is a view from the bluff just below our campground.



Here are a couple of examples of what NOT to do when leveling. 










Great news, I just spoke to my daughter and looks like Justin will be released tomorrow from the hospital.  He has responded well to the IV antibiotic and the MRI today showed no bone infection.  Thanks for your prayers!

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