Thursday, August 19, 2010

Final day for Denali NP, Aug 19, 2010

Since we are heading north tomorrow towards Fairbanks we wanted to enjoy Denali NP one more day.  Finally got my NP park entrance photo.

IMG_0451 IMG_0458

Stopped by the Murie Science and Learning Center to get my fifth Passport Book stamp.  My pages are filling up for this region.

IMG_0463  This fossil is a real trace fossil, not a replica.  It was found perching in a precarious location.  It was collected as when it was found it was the only evidence of dinosaurs in Denali.  The first track was found in 2005 quite by accident, check out the link and read the “Discovery” section.

We decided to take a hike to see a suspension bridge I had ready about on another blog.  Enjoy the sights along the way.

IMG_0482 IMG_0456

IMG_0487 While walking we were almost hit by a falling cone.  Then we looked up and saw this squirrel, high in the tree, biting off the pine cones and then throwing them down for a meal later.


Here is a few of his dropped cones.

IMG_0504 We finally made it to the bridge.  Yes, it did bounce! IMG_0512


Our prize photo of the day, Bob caught this red squirrel carrying a mushroom back to his nest.  He is having to walk on his tippy toes as the mushroom is so big.


View near the suspension bridge.


We are not sure if we will be in Fairbanks/North Pole tomorrow night or stop in Nenana for a couple of nights.  A drive-by the RV Park  in Nenana will determine if we stop or not.


Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

The suspension bridge is done! You must have seen it on Gloria & Dennis's blog. They live in spot 1 of Riley Creek campground.

It is nice to see that you spent a lot of time in the Denali area. It seemed that most of the AK trip blogs we followed (with trips much longer than ours) just zoomed by Denali. We certainly didn't spend enough time there. Enjoy your journey north. I hope the Nanana RV park is nice cause that looked like a cute little area.

Kathy said...

Fun suspension bridge, it wasn't there when we were 2 years ago!
Oh my, you should be around when that squirrel starts 'shrooming'!
They are hallucinogenic, the squirrels are tripping and hilarious!

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