Monday, November 1, 2010

Ghost towns, Nov. 1, 2010


Today we were off to explore, stopped in the almost ghost town of Mammoth, UT.  This exuberant pack greeted us and quickly we were adopted.

We also found the cemetery associated with the really ghost town of Diamond.


IMG_5172IMG_5173Each cemetery has stones that tell a story. In this one we found two identical stones with different inscriptions, each a set of twins born about a year apart and each set died within a few days of being born, what sadness.



Here is Bob up on some mine tailings, they were too steep for me to climb up on.  Also it was near here he encountered a rattlesnake sunning itself.  Didn’t take either of them too long to change directions…Bob was too busy with a hasty retreat to get any photos.



This new shiny fence is being held in place by the old fence posts.  Sometimes the new is not better than the old.

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