Sunday, November 28, 2010

Our Duck, our topper and some sites near Fredericksburg, Nov 25-28, 2010

Thursday, Nov 25th

On Thanksgiving Day morning our next door RV neighbor came over and told Bob one of our slide toppers was loose.  This is the second one to have this same thing happen to it.  This time, Bob was able to take the topper off without releasing the slide tension spring, so putting it back on after being repaired should be much easier.

IMG_5629 (2)


You can see here the thread securing the seam holding the bead which holds the topper in the channel just failed, probably from the sun.  The fabric looks okay, so this time hopefully we can just get all the edges restitched.

Our Thanksgiving Duck feast, I wasn’t sure if I would like duck, but it was very good.  All the meat is like turkey dark meat, nice and moist.


Friday, Nov 26th

IMG_5641It seems as if everyone and their brother came to Fredericksburg, the streets are full.  We did use some back roads and found an area to walk around.  Found this small cabin called the Pape Log Cabin.  This tiny cabin is one of the oldest structures in Fredericksburg, built in 1846.


St Mary’s Catholic Church steeples rival some we saw in Europe.

I  loved this sculpture  of St Francis of Assisi in their courtyard.







Sat. Nov 27th

IMG_5673Bob spent most of the day Saturday working on our coach’s sound system.  He was trying to get the sound from the new HDTV to come through the ceiling speakers.  At the end of the day, he had succeeded, but don’t ask him how or what he did.  Thankfully it ALL went back into the cabinet.


Sun. Nov 28th

Today after church we visited the Sauer-Beckmann Living Farm, one of favorite places to visit.  It is a working 1918 farm located on the same grounds as the LBJ Ranch.  Daily chores range from milking every day, making  fresh cheese and butter and doing laundry with a washboard on Mondays.  Depending what season you visit, the garden may be being planted, or harvested and canned, or one of the animals being butchered.IMG_4505

The grater is used to shave the soap into the washtub.


Their garden produced well over the summer.


Freshly made lye soap drying.


This is their kitchen table with this morning’s milk covered with a screen to keep flying critters out.  The milk will end up a few days from now being made into some fresh cheese.IMG_5681


Then, it was back to the coach to make a double batch of Persimmon Cookies.  They are delicious!  If anyone wants the recipe, let me know and I will post it.


Nancy and Bill said...

Would love the recipe...Please Post :o)

Erin said...

Living Farms are always interesting to visit since they afford glimpses into the past.

Travelwithwhippets said...

Thanks for the heads up on the farm. I didn't know that was there. I love the washing setup! Do you know they still make washboards? I found one at a little store somewhere in our travels and had to buy it. It wasn't a toy or a tourist thing, either, it was an actual new one. Roger gave me a rough time, but I bought it anyway! :-)

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