Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Green River, UT, Nov 5-6-7, 2010

On Thursday, we all said our goodbyes knowing we would be seeing John and Judy over Thanksgiving in Fredericksburg, TX. We drove about 175 miles to Green River, UT. You ask, why Green River, I can answer that, petroglyphs, pictographs and red rock country.

So on Friday, we headed off to the Black Dragon Canyon located about 12 miles west of Green River. Well, we started out following a social trail and somehow we got off trail which led us up into this box canyon, hummm, nice spot for our lunch.


After lunch I looked down at the rock under our feet and saw fossils, clam shells! So at one time, this was the bottom of a lake.


We backtracked out of the box canyon and following Bob GPS found the canyon where the petroglyphs were, not to find them. Soon we came to the area fenced off and the pictographs (painted on surface).

Behind me are the pictographs, just too far away to see.


Here is the dragon, up behind where I am standing, for which the canyon is named.


The photo below also shows several pictrgraphs plus what they call gringoglyphs. It is so sad to see what some people do to deface these pictographs.


Then follow the GPS to our next destination, called Petroglyph Canyon. They are on the dark area behind Bob.


Very nice petroglyphs (pecked on rock).


We then headed back to the car, overall about a 4 mile hike today, great time and super scenery!


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