Tuesday, November 30, 2010

The National Museum of the Pacific War, Nov 30, 2010


Today was our day to visit the remodeled Museum.  The admission of $12 for me and $10 for Bob (he is a senior) got us tickets good for 48 hours.  You follow a maze through newly done exhibits.  Not much of what we had remembered when we volunteered here in Dec 07-Feb 08 was still there.  I enjoyed the new displays, loved hearing the snippets from veterans telling their memories.


This is the upper portion of a door from the USS Arizona superstructure.  The visible dark line is from the fuel floating on the water after the attack.  Above the oil line see the egg-shaped hole was cut by divers to see if there were any survivors inside this compartment.


This fellow was catching his 40 winks.  No, it is not Bob.



Thought this collector card from bubblegum was interesting.






Here I am taking a photo of a “Val” the Japanese Dive Bomber.  It is now on display inside the Museum. When we were here in ‘08 it was in storage just out in front of where we parked the coach.

This is a Fat Man bomb casing for the atomic bomb dropped over Nagasaki, August 9, 1945, it now resides inside the remodeled museum.


In 2008 it was outside near the Combat Zone.fatboy

See the “Top Secret” stamp marked out.


We are now in the Combat Zone, here is the TBM Avenger.


Next the PT Boat.


Then the redesigned fighting area.  They were working on this area when we were here before.




Chuck and Anneke's RV travels said...

Great tour. We were there a few years ago and really enjoyed it.

Thanks for the memories.

Kathy said...

Hi Linda and Bob,
We thoroughly enjoyed the museum this spring!
Those must be major improvements from when you were volunteers there!
I couldn't get over how tight a site you must've had getting your rig in that yard! Did you use a helicopter?! LOL
Happy trails!

John and Ellen said...

Wonderful tour, in words and pictures. Thanks so much!

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