Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pecos, TX, Nov 14-15-16, 2010


Our 288 mile drive from Columbus, NM to Pecos went well, I drove some too.  The scenery along the way was very similar to what you see in the ‘O’ in Pecos above.  Driving through El Paso on a  Sunday morning was a piece of cake.


We visited the West of the Pecos Museum with a Saloon attached.


In this saloon on October 3, 1896 two men were killed.  There were plaques on the floor marking the spots, check out the arrows.

The Orient Hotel and No. 11 Saloon

The hotel was built in 1904, eight years after the saloon. A connecting hallway joins the two buildings. The buildings' proximity to the train station made it easy to enjoy all that Pecos City had to offer back then.
The saloon was the scene of a double homicide the first year it was open. Bronze markers and a bullet hole show where the fracas took place.


I loved this arrowhead arrangement.  Quite creative.

Below is a beauty parlor chair used in the first beauty parlor in Pecos.  Somehow this contraption gave you a perm.




Loved looking at these well worn bonnets…


also these worn and sweaty hats.  If only these bonnets and hats could tell their stories.



Don’t you wonder how many loads of laundry or did they call it ‘worsh’ has this washer done.

Tomorrow we are headed towards the Midland/Odessa area.


Kathy said...

Hi Linda & Bob,
So much history in that area of Texas!
Enjoy Fredericksburg's hospitality for us next week! You'll love all of their fine German restaurants!
We enjoyed it so much we went there twice this Spring! lol

All of those hats and bonnets must have some wonderful stories to tell!

Happy and Safe Travels,
aka Birdingrvers

Travelwithwhippets said...

Wow, another great museum! We will be driving that way on our way to TX the end of December and I definitely want to see that!

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