Saturday, November 13, 2010

Another lunch at the Pink Store, Nov 13, 2010

With us only being three miles north of the border, we could not resist another lunch at the Pink Store in Palomas, MX.


While we were staying at the SKP park (Dream Catcher) in Deming I had picked up free drink cards at the office.  This free margarita was very good!

Dessert was on tap for today, wonderful flan.










Next, was shopping after lunch, in the Pink Store.  Since we are flying back to central CA for Christmas, I bought some presents for a choice few.  Also found some things for us to use in the coach.  Dish soap dispenser, tequila glasses, decorative tray and bowl.


As we were walking back from the Pink Store to the border, I took this photo.  Today was much busier in Palomas than yesterday.



Tomorrow heading into Texas with Pecos as our destination.


Sue and Doug said...

nice work on the shopping..very pretty choices!!

Travelwithwhippets said...

Love the purchases! I hope to find similar things in Progresso when we get to the RGV in January! Still hope we can meet up sometime while you're there!

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