Thursday, November 11, 2010

Day with Motosat, Nov 9, 2010

Today was going to be the day, I hoped, we get switched from satellite 127 (used when in Alaska) to 89 or something else so when the Motosat dish is pointed towards the new satellite we can also get our Directv (without using our tripod).  Sounds easy enough, right!!  Well, let me tell you, it is NOT! 

I can go into the technical aspects of what needs to be done and what was done, but, I won’t. 

After using up more than an hour of my cell minutes with four different calls to Motosat and finally getting Mitch (Tech Service Dept Manager) who randomly answered my call, things started to happen for the good.  (Good guys at Motosat Tech Service:  Mitch and Matt, not so good tech service guys:  Ryan and Nick).  It was shortly after 6 pm  (I started my first call at 9 am) we finally had a successful ‘lock-on’ with our new satellite assignment of 91W.


As my kids know, the body language in the photo, means Mama is NOT happy.  This was taken by Bob sometime during the day when things were just not working.  You can faintly see, to the left above my head, the three vertical lights on the Motosat Modem, well for satellite lock-on you need to see five vertical lights, eventually we did!

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