Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Guests coming, Nov 2-3, 2010

IMG_3550This afternoon our friends John and Judy were to arrive.  So some coach cleaning was in order, not because they were coming, but because it needed it badly. 

We have been having ongoing problems with our Motosat dish, and as you can see from the photo below, it stowed crooked, really not good. 


Since coming back from Alaska, we have been trying to get our Motosat satellite assignment changed so our BOW (Bird on a Wire) will work for Directv.  Well, on one of its searches to find the other satellite, it lost it’s mind as to where it was (apparently lost its motor count).  When it stowed it came down crooked!  You should have heard the ‘clunks”, not a pretty sound.   We deployed the unit again, went up OK, then stowed it again, this time Bob assisted the crooked landing.  OK, now, we re-installed the latest software, deployed again with Bob assisting, then stowed again and it came down fine, yea!!  At this point we stopped the pursuit in changing satellites and were just happy it was working again.

Soon John and Judy arrived at the RV park.  We all enjoyed dinner in our coach. The conversation never stopped, too much to get caught up on.  It was so nice to see them again!   Here is John with Mollie’s new bully stick – 24” long!


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