Friday, November 12, 2010

Pancho Villa SP, Columbus, NM

Today, I drove from Deming, which included fueling up, to Columbus NM, all of about 45 miles.  I had several right and left hand turns and all went well, I even pulled into our site in Pancho Villa SP.  Yea me!!  I am gaining confidence for the Texas driving test in the coach.


We soon headed down to Palomas about 3 miles from the state park.  Walked across the border, then located the dental clinic called American Dental Care, right behind the Pink Store, near where we got our glasses last year.  Both got our teeth cleaned for $30 each, and Bob also got a Night Guard to wear which will protect his teeth, as he grinds them evidently when he sleeps.

Then it was time for a late afternoon meal at the Pink Store.  But first margaritas!  Mine blended and Bob, on the rocks.



At the Pink Store we found these glasses, about the size of large juice glasses.  Think we will use them for wine glasses, everyone will have a different color.

Also some plans have changed, we will not be meeting John and Judy in Fredericksburg for Thanksgiving.  We will be there, but they are heading back to Grand Rapids to be with some friends that are going through a difficult time and need their support. Wishing them Godspeed.

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John and Judy said...

So, Linda is the designated driver. That must mean Bob is the designated drinker!

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