Friday, October 29, 2010

The slide arm saga, Oct 27, 2010

After the change in slide repair strategy on Friday, we keep checking in each day to find out what part is needed and can they obtain that part in a timely manner.  Well, finally after Monday and Tuesday pass with still no definitive answer, on Wednesday morning, we find out that they have identified the slide arm from Lippert, but…they are three weeks out on the manufacture and shipping a new slide arm.  Also Monaco could be a source of the arm, but they also do not have it in stock.  So…we decide not to wait the 3-4 weeks and to just do the reinforcing of the bottom on the slide and Bretz can do that in the afternoon.  

After Bretz reinforced the slide bottom, the service tech drove the coach to the parking overnight line with the slide out.  Glad it was them and not us having to back it into the parking spot.



They have to do some silicone sealing in the morning, then we will be on our way south.

The weather has turned cold, as you can see some snow has fallen on the mountains.  Yesterday, we even saw a few flurries in the air.



John and Judy said...

You're on the road again. Woohoo!!

Travelwithwhippets said...

Time to move south! Glad you are mobile again.

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