Saturday, October 9, 2010

In Missoula, MT, Oct 9, 2010


Our drive from Great Falls to Missoula (175 miles) went well. The drive was not on the Interstate, but on a good red road, Rte 200.


Nice scenery along the way with mountains in the distance. We are staying at Jim and Mary’s RV Park for at least two nights. Perhaps longer pending our coach repair appointment on Monday.


This afternoon Bob did some cleaning of one of the bays. He cleaned up some of the dust that crept inside while traveling to and from Alaska. Here he is coiling up our extra 50 amp cord we had used while still in Alberta. At Writing on Stone campground, the electric receptacle was up near the front door, exactly opposite of where it should be. So if we were to have electric, we had to dig out our stored cord. It has only been used perhaps five times in five years, but when it is needed, we are very glad we have it.

Bob made a delicious dinner tonight, herbed chicken, broiled pesto tomatoes and oven roasted veggies.


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