Saturday, October 23, 2010

Change of slide repair strategy, Oct 22, 2010

This morning, Bob was up and I was dozing when our cell phone rang at 8 am.  It was the Service Writer asking about how to get into our coach, as the door appeared to be locked.  Well, Bob laughed and said it was just our door, you have to push it in first, then open it.  He also said the Service Foreman wanted to talk to us before starting work on the slide.  So, after a rushed getting up and getting dressed, we arrived at Bretz to meet with James, the Service Foreman. 

James was not working the day we arrived when the slide fix was first discussed.  He had a different thought as to what was going on with the slide and did not agree with a partial rebuild.  So, we let him further diagnose the problem and said we would check back around 1 pm.  Turns out he feels the slide arm (driver’s side slide back arm) needs replaced and the edges of the slide bottom need reinforced and not the entire bottom replaced.  This is good and bad news.  The good news is that perhaps this will now be covered by our Extended Warranty as parts are required.  The bad news is that we will probably be here at least another week.

So on Monday our Service Writer will be back from a week’s vacation and he has more work to do, call our Extended Warranty company and present them our newest needs.  The parts department on Friday was already checking into the parts needed for the repair.

Below Bob and James are checking out the slide issues.



So we are now back in the coach parked at Bretz’s waiting out the weekend until we perhaps will know more on Monday.

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Travelwithwhippets said...

Hang in there. I hope you get good news about your slide fix, and that you can head south ASAP!

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