Monday, October 4, 2010

Relaxing in Fort Benton, Oct 4, 2010

We ended up deciding to stay in Fort Benton for two more nights. This morning we had fun watching the RV next to us. Wish we had the same windshield washing team. There were four traveling together, same RV, 3 ladies and 1 man.

IMG_4645 Our first destination, Upper Missouri River Breaks Interpretive Center, was closed today. A sign posted on the door just said they were closed today, (no reason) but would be open tomorrow. So tomorrow it is.

In my reading yesterday, I saw where the faithful dog from Fort Benton, Shep, was buried. His grave overlooks the train station where he so faithfully waited for his master to return. So off to find it, come to find out it was within sight of where we are staying.

IMG_2503 IMG_2502 Near Shep’s grave is Fort Benton’s cemetery. Seemed strange to be watering the grass at a cemetery, but it was next to a golf course so perhaps they wanted the landscaping to match.


The afternoon was spent cleaning, I washed the Explorer, needed to change the wash and rinse water (from buckets) three times, boy was it dusty. Since we have no water hookup at our site I ended up carrying the full buckets of water about 75’. Bob cleaned out two of the coach’s bays, wiping down everything in each. Bob also used the compressor to blow out the dust from the engine compartment, boy did the dust fly.



Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

Hey...your neighbors have the same exact RV that we had.

Kathy said...

Wasn't all of that dust amazing?!
I couldn't believe how long I was still cleaning off dust from our Alaska trip! I am sure there are nooks and crannies that STILL have some dust on the old trailer! LOL

I sure hope it doesn't get too cold up there while repairs are being done!

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