Saturday, October 2, 2010

Shelby MT to Havre MT, 107 miles, Oct 2, 2010

Bob had called Bretz RV Service in Missoula yesterday, our appointment for service is for Oct 11th.  Now we have over a week before we need to be in Missoula, so what do we do?  We decided to drive about a 100 miles east to Havre, then south to spend some time in Great Falls, perhaps Helena, then west to Missoula. 


On our drive today while I was talking with my sister ‘this’ came down the highway towards us.  The lead truck was marked “Oversized” and it was, the one set of tires are completely off the road.  It was also about here that our cell phone coverage went kaput so we did not get our visit in.  The cell coverage (Verizon) was pretty good near small towns, then would bottom out in-between.

IMG_4563 We couldn’t figure out why all this grain, not sure what it was, was doing on the ground.  Perhaps all the granaries were full? 


The Havre Historical Underground was our first stop after we arrived at the Evergreen Campground, $25/night, water and electric.  They have good Wi-fi so we did not even deploy our Motosat.

The underground is very interesting, after the 1904 fire which destroyed the buildings of Havre, the businesses went to their basements, adding tunnels to the next block and became an underground city, doing business,  until they could rebuild the buildings above ground.

The tour stopped at this spot on the sidewalk, looked just like glass tile inset in the concrete.  The guide explained this is a skylight for the rooms under the sidewalk.


This is what the skylight looks like from below.


Notice all the dark burned places on this card table,it is from burning cigars.  Then someone got smart and added the metal plate nailed in place for the men to use instead of the table edge to place their cigars on while playing.




These Little Master cigars were made in Havre.






This Lucky Tiger, hair tonic, became very popular with the fellows from the railroad for its 50% alcohol content.  Cheaper than whiskey.







Bob is checking out the bordello.


A drawn curtain provided your only privacy.


These baskets were used to remove the deceased from their homes to be brought to the funeral home.  They are called “First Call Baskets”.


We did very well at our stop at the Super Wal-Mart in Havre.  The only thing I knew we needed was lime juice, but as you can see we found many other items. IMG_2387



Found this grizzled old tree near the courthouse and the grizzled fellow across the street.

Tomorrow we are headed down the road a short ways to Fort Benton to explore.

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Diana - FreeStyleMama said...

We traveled across Hwy 2 on our way to Alaska. Did you notice the small white crosses on the side of the road? They represent people that died. So sad to see soooooo many in the area.

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